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 Crackdown 2

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PostSubject: Crackdown 2   Sun Jul 04, 2010 4:00 pm

I had no idea this was coming out so soon. But it is. Out that is.

It's very similar to the first, if anyone played that one. The leveling-up thing is still good and jumping around is still the best past.

Apart from that it's hard to see that much has changed. There are some new challenges which are good, like chasing down fast-moving agility orbs and driving orbs. There is also more variety in the mission types, but they're all still pretty similar. Run in, shoot or kick the shit out of everyone, repeat.

One gripe - it has a horrible lock-on system. Horrible in that there's no way to change your target without un-targeting, moving your cursor and then re-targeting. Flicking your analogue stick doesn't move targets, it changes the body part you're aiming at. So you'll often find yourself locked on to far away targets or even barrels or cars when a guy two feet away is blasting you.

And unless I'm just shit (which is possible) the difficulty seems more geared towards multi-player than single.

I don't know about it yet. Seems a bit shallow so far, I'm not really that into it. But it's early days yet, I'll play it some more and see if it gets a bit more complex.
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Crackdown 2
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