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 God of War III

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PostSubject: God of War III   Wed Mar 24, 2010 7:35 am


Exclusively for PS3.

Epic gruesome conclusion of Kratos' revenge with huge epic boss battles.
Did I mention it's epic? No? Well it is!!!
...And gruesome!
Story was okay I guess, but the game felt a tad bit short (12 hours). Some of the violent kills were AWESOME.

At first I was very skeptical, when I found GOW3 in store shelves and the cover read "UNCUT" (I live in Germany). But now I'm convinced it's uncut!

I would've wished for some variety in the Quick Time Events. If not through different animation, then at least through different camera angles during these animations, but, oh well. Frame rate was great all throughout the game!
God of War 3 is truly awe inspiring, but I'm not sure, if I can recommend it to everyone... Only to those, who would like replaying on 4 different difficulties and finding 10 hidden items spread throughout the game. The challenges unlocked after one play-through can be completed in a few hours/less than one.

Please tag spoilers.
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PostSubject: Re: God of War III   Sun Mar 28, 2010 11:58 pm

I really liked the game, hell I loved it, but there are a couple of things I didn't like. First, the lack of puzzles that made you think like in the previous games, most of them where just plain simple. The other is that there wasn't as much boss fights as I expected. !SPOILER! I don't see chasing hermes or tearing Helio's head as really a boss fight, the only true boss fights where Hades, Zeus, the big-ass scorpion and Hercules.
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God of War III
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