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 Internet sites you just keep revisiting

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PostSubject: Internet sites you just keep revisiting   Fri Sep 23, 2011 3:13 pm

Share those sites you are addicted to.

Me, its mainly Tv Topes. Probably because I watch and play a lot of storys and I think learning about the devices used in tv, film and video games is very interresting.

Im not a member or anything, but I viset the site A LOT more than I probably should(tvtropes will ruin your life indeed)

Also, I follow a webcomic named "Darths and droids ".

Its a parody of starwars(I guess), only its a dungeaons and dragons role play game instead of a movieserie.

Why I follow it I dont know, since Im not interrested in starwars or roleplay. I still think its damn funny.

And yet another is Superdickery. Basicly it takes old superman covers and frames out of context to show what a dick Superman is.

So..... Thats those sites I keep revisiting. And this one af course.
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Internet sites you just keep revisiting
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