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 My very long written killzone 3 imressions so far.....

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My very long written killzone 3 imressions so far..... Empty
PostSubject: My very long written killzone 3 imressions so far.....   My very long written killzone 3 imressions so far..... EmptyFri Mar 11, 2011 4:32 am

So I have owned killzone 3 for about 2 days now. I have barely started online play, and I think Im almost done with the campaign on normal dificulty, so I think I will write down some impressions.

The gameplay is great.
Gunbattles feels intense, the enemy AI is about as smart as they were in kz 2, (and I always think about kz 2 when I think about good AI). They know how to take cover, when to move forward and when they should throw a grenade at you. It happens a lot that I think I should throw a grenade at the enemy behind cover in front of me, and he does the exact same thing to me.
Theres not a lot of new guns, witch feels a bit lazy, but the new ones are cool, and all of the old ones sound much more powerful than they used to.
The campaign is fast paced and varied, one second you dont do anything, then you walk down a corridor shooting desperatey, then theres a veincle section.
Theres many interesting situations in singelplayer and I love the death animations. You shoot a guy wering a jetpack, he explodes in a fireball and flies all over the place. You shoot an enemy ship, it randomly spins out of controll and chrashes. Basicly if its flying-its fun to kill.

So yeah, the gameplay is more than I expected it to be....

The story is meh.
So the blue good guys fight the evil red eyed black guys. I dont care. It dosnt matter how many guys die in terrible pain, I dont give a shit about the charachters. I want to skip every cutscene so I can go back to shooting people. And some of the cutscenes just show something that should be gameplay in my opinion. Dont SHOW me riding a tank shooting everything, make me drive the tank! Dont show me driving a giant mobile factory, make me drive it!

So story is dissapointing, at its best its silly. Im not surprised honestly. Im not done with the game, but I heard the ending was shit, so yeah. Dont buy it for the story.

The multiplayer is ok so far.
The multiplayer seems to be exactly like the open beta, so if you played it, you know what to expekt. Ive heard they will change quite a lot with patches in the upcoming months, and I havent played enough of it to form an opinion right now....

So I love the basic gameplay, it dosnt do anything shockingly new, but its fun. The brutal melee, were you stab guys in the eye and kick them into walls instead of just punching them with your gunbarrel is fun and sattisfying, even if ive seen it before in the chronichles of riddick games.

I dont like the fact that your Ai partners can revive you when youre dead, feels very unrealistic, and it makes some parts of the game far too easy, since there dosnt seem to be any limit how often in a row you can be revived.

Ive also encountered many weird audio glithes during the campaign. Sometimes the lines repeat themself over and over, sometimes you can only hear part of the dialouge. Its weird an I hope the fix it.

So basicly, if you want a very good shooter, buy this. It has a stupid story with stupid charachters and silly dialouge, but the shooting is very fun.
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My very long written killzone 3 imressions so far..... Empty
PostSubject: Re: My very long written killzone 3 imressions so far.....   My very long written killzone 3 imressions so far..... EmptySat Mar 12, 2011 8:38 am

Nice. AnonymousAdam enters the fray. More !
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My very long written killzone 3 imressions so far.....
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