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 God of war:ghost of Sparta for the ps3 review

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God of war:ghost of Sparta for the ps3 review Empty
PostSubject: God of war:ghost of Sparta for the ps3 review   God of war:ghost of Sparta for the ps3 review EmptyFri Nov 04, 2011 1:00 am

I played the game with the intention of reviewing it. I havent really thought abut why I liked the game, but I did.

So, I bought the ps3 version of the latest god of war psp game. And even though I had to delete nearly all of my other games just so I could download the damn thing, I did not leave the game dissapointed. While the graphics of the game cant compare to God of war 3 or even God of war 2, the gameplay and story certainly can. Gameplay wise this game is not only equal to previous games, sometimes it's better.

Story: The game story takes place just in beteen god of war 1 and 2.
Kratos( the pale,tattoed, stripperiffic, angry man-baby from the last game) sits on his new throne after winning over Ares in game 1. He gets a telepathic message from his dying mother(how, I don't know, maybe godhood does that) and decides to travel to Atlantis to find her. Once there, new plot threads come up, and its up to Kratos to follow them.

The story is straight forward: You go from A to B to C, then back to B again in order to get to D.

Overrall, the story feels worthy of the god of war name, even if it feels quite corny most of the time, espessialy since Kratos always YELLS OUT HIS LINES!

The areas you visit all look nice, and includes various places such as Atlantis, sunken Atlantis, Sparta and "the domain of Death". And even though it doesn't make all that much sense for the GOD OF WAR to go trough the Spartan jail just to get to his own frikking temple, its fun to kill things in the jail.

Theres a lot of things to kill in this story.


Kratos jurney includes a lot of fighting. You fight plenty of different enemy types, some you are familiar with from the other games such as Cyclops,skelletons, gorgons, harpys and dogs, as well as new ones like spiders, incredibly annoing ice-harpies, Yetis(or something similar) and a few more. All enemies gets re-used as the game goes on, but I did not get sick of them during my playthrough.

The way you fight them feels familiar. Kratos blades are, as always, very much what the were in the first game. Kratos gets the ability to enchant them with fire by holding down the L1 witch does more damage as well as making enemies explode. It works, but it would not be used very much if there wernt special armored enemies that cant be defetead without it.

A new weapon you get after a while is the spartan Spear and shield witch doubless as the ranged weapon of the game. Its a good weapon, and it feels very different from the blades.

You obtain 3 magic powers troughout the game, and they are all decent and usefull, even if the way you obtain them could be more epic. You basicly just pick them up as the game goes on.

The game is an even mix of fighting, puzzles and plattforming. Just when you get bored from fighting mooks, you get to a puzzle. The puzzles are not to hard, but breaks up the pace nicely. Theres even some underwater puzzles, witch is something I missed from gow2 and 3.

The plattforming is exactly like usual, you climb and jump and push and swing from plattform to plattform.


The game is a great God of war game, a great psp game and a good action game. If you like the franchise, this is something you should buy.

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God of war:ghost of Sparta for the ps3 review
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